Akron Whole House Humidifier Installation & Repair

Saulic’s Heating & Air are experts at whole house humidifier installation and repair in Akron and surrounding areas. Being a whole house humidifier contractor with over 40 years of experience allows us to provide quality service and products to all of our customers at a reasonable cost. Whether you need humidifier installation or repair, we are here to help.

Add to your families comfort and protect your home from the damaging effects of dry air with a whole house humidifier. Dry air causes many problems, including dry noses, cracked itchy skin, sore throats, allergy and asthma symptoms, and irritating static shocks. Dry air also effects your home: chipping paint and plaster, splitting or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim and molding. Does any of this sound familiar?

A whole house humidifier installed by Saulic’s Heating & Air will eliminate these dry air problems. We specialize in energy star rated Amana and Goodman products, however we are experienced in servicing all brands of humidifiers.

Our Best Selling Residential Humidifier

Amana: HUM Whole House Humidifier

  • Bypass and Fan-Powered High-Capacity Humidifiers
  • Capacity: 14, 18, & 19 Gallons per Day
  • Improved wicking and water distribution system
  • Low-profile unit designed for limited space installations
Amana Hum Series Humidifier
The HUM Bypass and Fan-Powered High-Capacity Humidifiers are a good choice for homes supported by warm-air heating system. The durable thermoplastic cabinet resists rust, corrosion, and warping. For more information, request a free estimate or schedule an appointment today.

No matter what the temperature outside, you will be comfortable inside with added moisture to your air everyday. We carry only the highest quality brand name products that come with an extensive warranty. By providing excellent customer service and refreshingly low prices, Saulic’s is proud to be Akron’s premier contracting company for all your indoor air quality needs.

Contact us today to install, repair, or service a whole house humidifier for your family.